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The Who Method
Zuzana Dobro
Exclusive Method for Entrepreneurs
- The Art Of Knowing Your WHO - Customer Avatar - Persona Profiles:
  • Create Immediate Alignment
    and apply customer profiles throughout the entire business cycle for long-term success.
  • Results Driven Workshop Series
    for all business types in any market supported by Checklists and Templates for fast implementation.
  • Tap Into ‘Under-The-Radar’ Techniques
    used by Fortune 500 Companies and Brands in their Market Research, Customer Experience, and Category Design domination.
"It's very common
to find an entrepreneur or company
spending sizeable sums,
exerting enormous effort,
utilizing an ever-expanding array of media in pursuit of new customers,
with little or no regards for WHO,
specifically, is or should be
the specific customer sought
- based on relative and comparative value."

~ Dan S. Kennedy
Making Them Believe. - book
From: Zuzana Dobro
London, UK

Dear Entrepreneur,
You probably already know that your business might be facing a potential hard knock with the recent unfolding events.

If you are unsettled with the current global situation and what it will all bring to your life, you are not alone.

Yes, if I were you, I would feel the same way.

That's why I feel the need to share with you this 'little-known' foundational piece that many successful businesses are using. 
You might find yourself realizing just how powerful this is.
Every minute you waste not being clear on how to adapt, with customers driving you crazy, diminishing sales, struggling to get quality leads costs you energy, time, and potential profits!

You know what, I don't want that struggle for you either, let's move you away from that.

Being adaptable is what's required right now. That includes a deep understanding of whom your business serves and what your customer and clients really need.

Many Entrepreneurs struggle in their business until they discover how crucial it is to have crystal-clear audience targeting, which means to run a company that is aligned with a dream customer. 
Another missing part is understanding that the wants and desires of your customers will change because people's values shift. 
It is here where many businesses fall short as they are not sure how to talk to their customers or forget to monitor and update their customer profiles.

Just as you are reading this sentence, in this precise moment...

...successful companies are finding out how to stay on top of what their CUSTOMERS think, hear, feel, see, want, say, do, and fear, capturing it all.

For example,
Uber employs a 300+ strong team of designers specialists, and many will be focusing on Market Research and Customer Experience. 
That is massive brainpower, working around the clock to gather the intel. 
I am one of the specialists in this field, and I feel it's time to bring this insiders-knowledge to Entrepreneurs.

Now, this KNOW-HOW needs to be shared more than ever before.

I want to invite you to get access to this unique opportunity personally.

You're going to love it,
Zuzana Dobro
P.S. One quick important point:

A next few months from today, you could still be struggling to get the right people through the door... get any clicks... and experience falling sales in a fearlessly competitive marketplace.

Or, you could be the one attracting high-quality paying clients day and night.

FACT: The choice is yours.

Be the FIRST one to know when The WHO Method goes live.

And it gives you all you need to know about how to attract a steady flow of the right clients who also become your raving fans.
"Waiting for people to come to you
is not a strategy,
but understanding exactly
who your dream customer is.

Being obsessed with your customers means understanding them just as well,
if not better than
they understand themselves.
For many,
this is the most difficult part of the process.

If you want to
really understand who your dream customers are and where they're congregating online,
you need to be able to enter the conversation that's already taking place inside of their mind and see the world the way that they see it."

~ Russell Brunson
Traffic Secrets: The Underground Playbook
for Filling Your Websites and Funnels with
Your Dream Customers. - book
The WHO Method - Multidimensional Human-Centered Discovery - Business & Client Alignment - Brain & Heart Intelligence
 As a result of learning The WHO Method, you are going to become so Clear, so Magnetic and intimately Aligned with the Right People wanting to do business with you now. 
It really would be great to have a business attracting dream customers no matter what the challenge is, wouldn’t it?
I wonder if you have fully realized the potential of just how much more you are going to be able to sell as a result of learning The WHO Method...
You can get on the waiting list when you want.
 The More That You Think About It, The More Sense It Will Make To You. 
the OPPORTUNITY is here…
Zuzana, Who Are You?
 I am Zuzana Dobro… 
  I am a Leader in Design Thinking Transformation for Entrepreneurs. 
  I help people to gain Clarity, Awareness, and Alignment with their Target Audience across every stage of their Dream Customer's journey,
so they can Sell Ideas with Purpose, Create an Expansion in people's lives, and be an Independent Entrepreneur
Throughout my commercial career as a Lead Research & User Experience Designer, Innovation & Design Thinking Facilitator, and Customer Experience Consultant I’ve designed and delivered compelling brand experiences, social media platforms and complex enterprise software solutions.

To sum it up briefly,
I’ve been working behind the scenes
on multimillion-dollar campaigns to launches of beta products for Fortune 500 Brands, Advertising Agencies and StartUps, to name few:
Canon | Microsoft | Intel | Boots | EA | EA Sports | Warner Brother | Universal Pictures | 20th Century Fox | DreamWorks | Disney | Paramount | Buena Vista International | Sony Pictures | Heineken | Sky | Aviva | Bethesda Game Studios | Prime Focus | Raremark | 90POE | OpenOcean Studio | LexisNexis
  My Passion Is A Human-Centered Design Thinking Transformation That Delivers RESULTS For My Clients & Students. 
Zuzana, Why Are You Doing This?
  Frankly, no one from the experts' design community has simplified this process yet for entrepreneurs and small businesses. 
And I thought it'd be fun to demystify
the First foundational key to business success,
knowing your WHO = dream customer.
In recent years I’ve made a conscious choice of exploring new areas in business, and that led me onto a path of Entrepreneurship.
  I’m On The Mission To Bring To The Entrepreneurs The Elite Design Thinking Know-How That Used To Be Reserved For The Business Players With Big Budgets. 
  I’m Making That Knowledge Accessible For Everyone With Drive And Mission. Now It’s Your Time To Take Advantage Of It. 
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"Most businesses fail to understand the fundamental motivations and concerns of their customer."
~ Data: Edelman Group - study
The Who Method
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